A Short Essay on History of Cold War

Cold War HistoryAfter the Second World War the Russian and USA emerged as the two superpowers in the world. During this war, there was a mutual understanding between these two countries, which however soon started to disappear soon after the war. The difference between the ideologies of the two nations and their distrust on each other led to the beginning of the cold war. Both of the countries tried to spread their influence and divided the world in two hostile groups.


The European Western countries came under the power of USA, while the eastern European countries fall in the communist of Russia. In such a situation there was extreme unfriendliness but there was no actual war fought. During this time period both these superpowers formed several intelligence and military alliances like the SEATO, NATO, CENTO, Baghdad Pact and the Warsaw Pact. This also directed to animate race of weapons by both the alliances.


End of the Cold War:

Between 1969 -1978 both these super powers realized that such a situation can never establish peace in the world. During this time, there was a huge decline in the cold war, although we can’t say that it ended completely, but there are many factors that contribute to it.

  • Both the alliances realized that there will be no victor in a nuclear war.
  • The famous anti-war movements in Evert part of the globe had a positive impact on the warring camps. The European Peace Movement struggled hard for the disarmament of the nuclear weapons.
  • The NAM displayed an essential role in reducing the tension and promoting peace among the two countries. The member of this association remained a neutral one, and did not support themselves with any of these super-powers. They also advised the newly developed countries like Africa, Asia and Latin America to stay away from the rivalry of the superpowers.
  • The severe military coalitions also indicated marks of breaking down. France draw back its troops from NATO in 1996, Pakistan went to SEATO in 1973. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the Warsaw Pact also broke down completely.
  • The fall of relationship between China and Russia further damage the fear of spreading of Communism.
  • After the collapse of USSR it further facilitated at the end of cold war in December 1991.
  • The labors of the previous US President George Bush (senior) and the last Soviet President Gorbachev offered decrease in weapon rise in 1991.
  • In 1992 the US President Bush (senior) and the President Boris Yeltsin of Russia properly declared that the cold war has ended.

At the end of cold war it led to the advent of a uni-polar world. By the failure of the Soviet Union, the United Nations and the NAM proposed the idea of one world. The realm has converted reliant. Any unfortunate happening in any part of the world can have an instant effect on the other parts of the world.


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