The Priority of Home Works in Schools

Home Works in SchoolsThe priority of home works in schools is a very old issue that needs to be resolved. The academic life of the students is already quite prolonged and if the homework continues during whole of this experience then it becomes impossible to tolerate. The student from the day one of their junior school aim at doing their homework after hiring assignment writing services on daily basis and this trend also continues when you are asked to do your homework in the senior classes of your junior school. The motivation for home work at junior schools seems to be a fair deal but at the same time the motivation lessens with the passage of time. The strict rules of doing homework on daily basis kind of piss student off to a great deal but as it is the only way to sit in the class then all have to work hard on it. Also another factor of homework being the priority is that the students should maintain interest in studies.


Now when it comes to high school, the ambitions do get high but at the same time it is obvious that the students don’t want to do their work by any means. The student aims at working on part time jobs and bearly have the time to take their classes on time. Such students are also asked to give their fees as they have a lot of financial pressure at their backs. So home works in this particular situation then become a problem for them. The home works are placed on the priority because people believe in the idea of forcing the students into studies but in reality it will only repel them from it. A best strategy is to force assignments or tasks of writing impact of social networking on weekly basis so that the interest will remain and they have plenty of time to cover the task as well. Here are some of the reasons why home work is considered priority.


A Cover Up: One of the major reasons of home work is to cover up the class work that is done in the class. As most of the students don’t take any attention in the lecture therefore home work can force them to read and get an idea about the lecture. It also helps you to make notes which will obviously be not there if the students have to make it on their own. Because they are so busy doing other work that home work would not be a priority.


Standard Education: Usually it is considered a part of the standard education system when students explore myths of studying abroad that home works are considered to be the top priority. The home work tradition has been maintained for a long time and therefore it is necessary that we must understand the need of necessity of modern times. Home work with a number of other activites, assignment and semester system becomes almost impossible. It is therefore important that the traditions of the standard education must be revised .so that the students are able to do their work in the best possible manner.