Facebook Lite – An App for Low Network Coverage

Facebook LiteFacebook has been always ahead of the other social networking platforms in the market and aims to help its uses access it from all parts of the world no matter where they live and what type of internet connection they have. With help of its newest brainchild Facebook Lite, the company has topped yet again as it brings something new and innovative which helps people to remain connected all the times, even when the network is not so good and they have coverage problems.


The Product Manager for Facebook Lite has explained the apps as one which utilizes very less data and works well across all network conditions really well. There are many areas where the networks are really slow and do not support all the functions that are provided by Facebook for android which makes it really hard for people. Thus, Facebook Lite has been specifically designed for situations when people face problems in accessing their accounts and staying in touch with their friends and family and even writing academic essays. It gives people a reliable Facebook experience when the bandwidth is at its lowest so that there are no connectivity issues for people.


However, it is significant to know for users that Facebook Lite is not for everyone and not every feature of the social media website works on this app.  However, it is important to mention that people get the core experience of checking out their News Feed, status updates, photos and notifications which are most essential. This app was most likely developed for nations where network infrastructure is poor and the number of entry level devices is higher which can support this app. Now it has been most popular and being used even by cheap dissertation writing service providers. The app is only MB, takes very little time to download and it also works great on budget devices and mobile phones which have lesser processors and lower amounts of RAM because it has been developed for people and nations that encounter network and internet issues more frequently but need to stay connected and move forward.


Asia is the top continent for which Facebook lite has been introduced and next on the list are Latin America, Africa and Europe and the app is going to make its face to all the countries where it feels he need. No matter how week and poor the networking coverage is, Facebook Lite makes it really stay to stay connected to social network and enjoy a great time.


Whether it is students, professionals of assignment writing or stay at home moms, everyone can enjoy the blessings of Facebook Lite. Students have lesser money and thus, they can only afford to buy budget phones and even on budget phones they can stay connected to Facebook and seek help when it comes to writing their dissertations, assignments and coursework which are very important for their academic as well as professional careers. It is up to the people to understand the significance of the features of Facebook Lite, how to use it the best way and enjoy the great technology it is offering.